Instilling confidence in their abilities and putting the power of digital making in their hands, our STEM Services & Dynamic Activities are built in a way that ensures a future where students design, innovate and embrace STEM, coding, programming, robotics and all concepts affecting their school and beyond their everyday lives.
Students will be taught critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, computational skills and equipped with skills that will be applied in their lives and those of others. Teamwork and collaboration, responsibility and accountability, STEM Dynamics Robotics works together with parents and schools to gear students for the future today, the future now.
  • Centre-based Lessons
  • Remote Lessons

  • Homeschool Workshops

  • STEM Tutoring

  • Educator Development Programme

  • School-Model

  • Extra Mural

  • After School Coding, Programming & Robotics

  • STEAM Projects

  • 3D Modeling & the use of 3D Printing

  • Virtual Reality (VR) & Animation