Through our wholly-owned trading subsidiary, we develop curriculums and supply ROS (Robot Operating System) and peripheral devices, whilst investing in education and providing a suite of training programs through our STEM centers and schools, which are regularly updated in response to feedback from our community of makers and educators.

We work with partners to make STEM education as widely available as possible and develop cross-curricular, educational programs and competitions that get young learners and adults engaged in digital making. A big part of this is using contexts like robots, 3D printers, science, space, nature, and the arts to involve learners who otherwise might not think that computing was relevant to them.

We provide affordable, high-performance STEM programs and curriculum that learners use to learn about computing, how to invent using computers through resources and training, solve problems, and have fun.

We provide learning resources and projects that help learners learn about computing and digital making, from beginners to advanced users. All our resources are designed to be used in both informal and formal educational settings: we know that learning happens outside as well as inside the classroom. We create pathways through those resources to help learners learn computing concepts through digital making. Where relevant, we want learners to receive accreditation for their learning.

We support networks of clubs, schools, and other events that provide opportunities for learners of all ages to get involved in digital making. We do outreach to engage learners who would not otherwise be exposed to opportunities to get involved in digital making.

We support educators and social entrepreneurs using our facilities for learning and problem solving and train them and others, who can inspire and guide other learners to learn about robots, computing, and digital making.

We make computing and digital making relevant and accessible to more learners through outreach and educational programs and help create and sustain communities that share learning and support.