STEM Dynamics is a South African robotics education organisation that wants to make a difference on a global scale.

We want to create partnerships with organisations around the world that share our mission, and, wherever possible, to make our educational programs and resources available and relevant in other countries.


Through our wholly-owned trading subsidiary, we develop curriculums and supply ROS (Robot Operating System) and peripheral devices, whilst investing in education and providing a suite of training programs through our STEM centers and schools, which are regularly updated in response to feedback from our community of makers and educators. Read more…


We are part of a movement of organisations and individuals that share a common goal of empowering learners of all ages to shape their world through digital technologies. We want to help that movement to grow, and we will be generous in using our capacities to support other learner’s work.

Too many educational initiatives fail to invest in knowing whether they are really making the difference they claim. We will set ourselves high standards in both the use and generation of evidence, and we will report on our impact and on what we have learnt.

Our educational programs are designed to use the best available hardware and software to fulfil our mission. We love robots, but we don’t think they are the only answer to the challenge of getting more learners involved in computing and digital making.

We believe this is essential so that learners are:

  • Capable of understanding and shaping an increasingly digital world
  • Able to solve the problems that matter to them, both as makers and entrepreneurs
  • Equipped for the jobs of the future

We pursue our mission through three main activities:

  • We provide stem centers in communities that we serve, high performance equipment that learners use to learn, how to solve problems and have educational fun.
  • We make computing and digital making more relevant and accessible to more learners through outreach and educational programs.
  • We help learners to learn about computing and how to make things with computers through resources and training